Hardwood & Softwood Ply, Birch Ply and even Phenolic Ply, OSB & T+G OSB, MDF and of course our T+G Chipboard for those flooring needs

Websters Timber have plenty of timber sheet materials readily available in varying sheet sizes and thicknesses, for delivery to your door or collection from our store.
With always updated stock on our timber sheet materials we provide your one-stop shop for fast access to the things you need, whatever you might be building.

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£5.10 inc. VAT
These baseboards come in different sizes ranging from: 1220mm x 900mm Square Edge Ideal for ceilings Ideal as a base Light weight plasterboard

Birch Ply Sheeting

£36.19£62.15 inc. VAT
Birch Ply Sheeting, also known as laser ply. Available in square sheets of 1525mm by 1525mm at thicknesses of 3mm to 12mm. Internal glue, no external glue is used so these boards are ideal for interior use only. Birch ply is a great material for the construction and making of cabinets, shelves, wardrobes and more.

Caberdeck P5 – Chipboard Flooring

£24.86 inc. VAT
Flooring Grade Chipboard is suitable for load-bearing applications in conditions where moisture can fluctuate due to humidity.  Plywood’s P5 Chipboard

Chipboard Tongue and Groove Flooring

£16.46£18.12 inc. VAT

Chipboard Tongue and Groove Flooring

This sheeting is perfect for laying solid flooring on all beamed floors. With a long life this flooring will see decades pass. An easy tongue and groove connection system helps ensure quick and easy laying of the new floor, ready to be carpeted tiled covered with a vinyl, laminate or hardwood boards.

Hardwood Ply Sheeting

£12.65£46.73 inc. VAT
Hardwood Ply sheeting material. Hardwood (Far Eastern). 3.6mm & 5.5mm contain moisture resistant glue. 9mm, 12mm and 18mm are externally waterproof and hard-wearing. They come with a clean face and are very versatile. Excellent for outbuildings. Can also be utilised to refurbish vans/campers, work vehicles and trailers.

Insulation Sheeting

£15.95£38.58 inc. VAT
Eurothane® GP is a high performance PIR insulation sheeting board that is light weight, easy to cut, handle and install. Whether it’s a pitched roof, framed wall or floor, Eurothane® GP is the ideal solution amongst contractors and installers Key benefits Suitable for multiple applications Good thermal performance: λ = 0.022 W/mK Quick and easy installation

MDF Timber Sheet Material

£11.62£52.46 inc. VAT
MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is an engineered timber sheet material that is made through a process of breaking down hardwood & softwood residual timbers into fine particles, then combining that with a wax and resin binding agent, applying high temperature and pressure and pressing the product with a mould before allowing it to set into the MDF timber sheet material we know and use in everyday construction of many things. This product is generally used for indoor applications, its fine sanded surface makes it the ideal material for cabinets and shelving because it is strong. It is an ideal timber sheet material used by many home décor enthusiasts, with the thinner profiles being carefully trimmed into strips for wall panelling.

MDF Wall Panelling Sheets

£49.24 inc. VAT
Matchboard refers to a Moisture Resistant MDF panel that is machined and profiled to give the face of the board a more decorative appearance. This results in a cost effective board that is ideal for superficial applications in the humid conditions common in bathrooms and kitchens.

OSB 3 Sheeting

£19.07£26.46 inc. VAT

OSB 3 Sheeting (Sterling board).

Oriented Strand Board 3 sheeting External use. Generally used for construction, these sheets are versatile and provide great coverage for:
  • Outbuildings
  • Floorings
  • Roofing
  • Internal walls
External glue required

OSB 3 Tongue And Groove

£14.34 inc. VAT
OSB 3 tongue and groove flooring sheeting, available in sheets of 2440mm by 600mm and 18mm thick, osb t&g sheets are perfect for laying solid flooring on all beamed floors. With a long life this flooring will see decades pass. An easy tongue and groove connection system helps ensure quick and easy laying of the new floor, ready to be carpetted tiled covered with a vinyl, laminate or hardwood boards.

Panguaneta Poplar Plywood (Laserable)

£36.38£66.46 inc. VAT
This Panguaneta Poplar Plywood is the perfect alternative to 'Birch Ply' With laser technology, you can slice through materials in a flash, no touching needed! This precise technique creates a chic and organic shift in colour on surfaces. Whether it’s logos, names, or funky designs. This ply makes a great source of material for design technology, crafting, carpentry and camper conversions because of it's light weight. Available with PEFC™ or FSC® certification. High uniformity on face and back veneers. Glue Bond ideal for laser cutting. No added Formaldehyde (ULEF)

Phenolic Ply Sheeting

£112.67£270.00 inc. VAT
Phenolic Ply with Superior Birch Core for robust strength and lifespan. Colour finish brown. Also known as Mesh Faced Ply and Buffalo Boards, our Phenolic Plywood boards with exterior glue (WBP) are generally used for trailer bases, agricultural projects and play equipment such as outdoor climbing walls and play-areas.