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D3 Wood Adhesive 1 litre – Internal

£12.18 inc. VAT
Fast cure, initial set in just 10 minutes. Suitable for load bearing work

Fast Drying Wood Glue

£3.88£6.11 inc. VAT
Bartoline Ready-To-Use Fast Drying Wood Glue is a high-performance water-resistant adhesive that provides a rapid bond. The glue dries clear, exhibits excellent resistance to ‘creep’, and can be used in areas of high humidity, or where short-term water contact occurs such as kitchens and bathrooms. Supplied in bottles incorporating handy application spouts means minimal clean up required. Application: Suitable for all types of wood, including MDF and chipboard and meets the requirements of Category D3 of EN 204 and BS 14256 Sustained Load Requirements.
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Flashing Tape

£37.97 inc. VAT
Flashing Tape is a self adhesive bitumen coated, heavy duty lead look finish tape for trade use. Various brands in stock. Image represents product only, not supplier.
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Pinkgrip Adhesive

£4.67 inc. VAT
Pinkgrip adhesive will stick just about anything on a building site that needs sticking. Its amazing grabbing strength not only removes the need to pin under the workpiece to prevent slumping, but its revolutionary initial ‘Direct Bond’ eliminates the need for double stick methods. Pinkgrip can be used inside and outside and adheres to just about every building substrate.
  • Enhanced slump resistance for quick and simple direct bonding
  • Pink colour gives easy product recognition
  • Excellent gap-filling properties
  • No need for double stick applications or underpinning in most situations
  • Suitable for use on both non porous and porous surfaces
  • Excellent external weathering properties

Polyester General Purpose Anchor Resin

£8.14 inc. VAT
Product Code: PE410 Pack Type: Tube Pack Quantity: 1 Each Barcode: 5055017586042 Polyester General Purpose Anchor Resin is a two component, mix in the nozzle resin with European approval. Suitable for many kinds of solid and hollow masonry. Simple to apply by pumping a required resin quantity into the hole. • An economic resin ideal for day to day non-safety critical applications • For areas that are well ventilated at the time of installation • Ready to use • Less wastage & no leakage • Mixing nozzle included • Low extrusion force • Fire rated • Closer edge and axial spacing

PU Wood Adhesive

£18.82 inc. VAT

About PU Wood Adhesive

PU Wood Adhesive 750mg Brown Colour. A premium grade polyurethane wood adhesive that will bond hard, soft, exotic and painted wood. This rapid curing foaming adhesive expands into materials to form an incredibly strong bond. Due to the multi-purpose properties, this industrial strength adhesive can also be used to adhere a wide variety of building materials such as metal, various plastics (including PVC), polystyrene, stone, brick & masonry. Superior curing time compared to traditional PVA based wood adhesives.

PU30 Wood Glue

£22.67 inc. VAT
One-part moisture cure polyurethane adhesives specially formulated for waterproof bonding. This product is seawater proof and are resistant to acid and chemicals. For internal and external use. Liquid formulation: A solvent-free, rapid setting, brown, liquid PU adhesive which sets in 30 minutes. Conforms to BS EN 204 (Class D4 – strength).

PU5 Rapid Premium Adhesive

£9.56 inc. VAT
Gel formulation: A solvent-free, rapid setting, thixotrophic, translucent PU gel which sets in 5 minutes. Conforms to BS EN 204 (Class D4 – strength).