Everything you can feasibly fit under the construction timber umbrella – sheeting, framing, the works.

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CLS Timber

£3.89£5.18 inc. VAT
CLS timber, great as a softwood timber for stud walling and framing. Typically used for building the frames of separating internal walls (untreated CLS) and for sheds and outbuildings (treated CLS). CLS has a smooth finish with eased edges for a pleasant finish when left uncovered, such as when it is used on gates as brace-work or on decking frames.

Scaffold Boards

£11.00£14.00 inc. VAT
Scaffold boards, used for various contruction scenes and also in many home-projects.

Treated Pegs

£0.95£22.80 inc. VAT
Treated pegs and stakes are ideal for site marking and for boundary retainers. Made of softwood these pegs are inexpensive so great for large projects. These timber pegs are 610mm high in a 50mm by 50mm profile. Available as singlualr pegs/stakes or in bulk-packs of 24 pegs/stakes.