Everything you can feasibly fit under the construction timber umbrella – sheeting, framing, the works.

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Brick Trowels Set of 3

£19.90 inc. VAT
A selection of premium trowels, manufactured with forged solid steel shanks and ergonomic soft-grip handles. Featuring robust and lacquered blades for quick and easy cleaning. The kit includes a gauging trowel, London pattern pointing trowel and Philadelphia pattern brick trowel. • Ergonomic soft-grip handle • Finger guard • Non-slip handle • Solid steel blade and handle • Easy to clean lacquered blade

C16 C24 Treated Carcassing

£2.35£55.40 inc. VAT

C16 C24 Treated Carcassing Timber

  This construction timber is perfect for internal and external joists as well as timber framing qualities.

C16 C24 Untreated Carcassing

£3.60£132.58 inc. VAT

Untreated Carcassing

  • C16
  • C24

CLS Timber

£3.72£6.31 inc. VAT
CLS timber is great as a softwood timber for stud walling and framing. Typically used for building the frames of separating internal walls (untreated CLS) and for sheds and outbuildings (treated CLS). CLS has a smooth finish with eased edges for a pleasant finish when left uncovered, such as when it is used on gates as brace-work or on decking frames.

Damp Proof Course 100mm – 600mm

£3.68£18.40 inc. VAT

Damp Proof Course

Damp proof course is ideal for waterproofing of walls against moisture, preventing mould, mildew and other fungal residues inside buildings. Length: 30m Thickness: 0.35mm Weight: 370g/m2


  • Horizontal Anti – Damp Isolation for use on Brick/block
  • Surface: Serrated Diamond cut Top & Bottom to prevent mortar from slipping
  • Roll Size: 100mm - 600mm
  • Watertight at: > 2kPa Resistance at low temperature: - 25*c
  • Resistance to Fire: Class F
  • Resistant to changing temperature, durable, flexible and alkali-resistant.
  • Non-Hazardous

Green Oak Unseasoned

£117.60£298.55 inc. VAT
Green Oak unseasoned sawn timber, usually cut between 3 - 18 months, the moisture content would range from 30% - 80%. Due to the natural properties of the oak, you would expect the timber to shrink, split and move, which lends itself perfectly as an attractive focal feature for mantels, king trusses, beams and pergolas or other aesthetic projects within your home interior and exterior.

Heavy Duty Feather Edge Panel

£36.55£39.23 inc. VAT

Heavy Duty Feather Edge Panels

Our Panels are made of vertical planks of wood that partially overlap to give a softer look. They are:
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Can be re-treated
  • Can be strengthened from behind with horizontal battens


£13.14 inc. VAT
Knauf Wallboard is plasterboard with an ivory paper face ideally suited to receive a plaster finish or for direct decoration Plasterboard sealer is required prior to direct decoration with a painted finish. You will require jointing compounds, finishes, fixings & plasterboard adhesive.

Red Plastic Wall Plugs

£2.74 inc. VAT
Pack Qty: 100pcs Substrates: Concrete, Brick, Block Drill hole: 5.5 - 6mm Plug length: 30mm Min drill hole depth: 35mm Screw Size (imperial): No.6 - 10 Screw Size (mm): 3.5 - 5mm

Roof Batten British Standard BS255048

£6.71 inc. VAT
Roof batten British Standard Stamped BS255048 in 4.8m lengths. Tinted with a blue treatment. Best quality. Finish at 25 x 50mm 4.8m in length, eased edges

Scaffold Boards (Ungraded)

£15.98£23.17 inc. VAT
Ungraded (Reject) Not Stamped Scaffold boards, used for various contruction scenes and also in many home-projects.