Hardwoods for joinery, this is where to find materials such as Green Oak.

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Balau Hardwood Decking

£26.00£26.69 inc. VAT
Balau hardwood decking is usually used for heavier use areas. Beautiful in appearance and eye catching. Extremely strong, stable and durable. A great option for pool-sides and spa areas. This decking definitely offers the wow factor! All lengths have been waxed at the ends to prevent splitting. We recommend sealing with preserve oil when cutting to length. Sold in 3.9m lengths (various lengths delivered) 19mm x 90mm

Green Oak Unseasoned

£117.60£298.55 inc. VAT
Green Oak unseasoned sawn timber, usually cut between 3 - 18 months, the moisture content would range from 30% - 80%. Due to the natural properties of the oak, you would expect the timber to shrink, split and move, which lends itself perfectly as an attractive focal feature for mantels, king trusses, beams and pergolas or other aesthetic projects within your home interior and exterior.

Hardwood Flooring

£96.77£149.70 inc. VAT
Our hardwood flooring is priced per pack. You will need your m2 measurements to work out pack quantity. Some sizes may come in random lengths. The thickness also includes the engineered veneer size i.e overall 20mm inc 6mm vaneer or 14mm inc 4mm vaneer. Excellent engineered flooring. Suitable for all areas of the home.

Hardwood Timber

£0.00 inc. VAT
Our Hardwood Timber comes in various sizes-please enquire for pricing and availability.


£72.00£180.00 inc. VAT
Live edge oak planks. Stunning once oiled or waxed as you desire! All sections have been air dried and have live edges . Sizes are approx. All sections are different in characteristics. There may be small holes in the material. Expect cracks, splits and knots. This is a natural section of timber which includes the live (bark) edge on most of the sections. this may break off when working with the material. Ideal for furniture making, shelves and bar tops. NOTE: ALL SIZES QUOTED ARE A MINIMUM SIZE AND WILL NOT BE EXACT. Photo shows the finished product. We recommend collection should you wish to select your own piece.