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2 Part Woodfiller

£11.93 inc. VAT
2 part woodfiller to help seal voids cracks and blemishes in your finished 2nd fixing timber.
  • Prefesional finish
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Exterior & Interior use
  • Easy to sand
  • Paintable and stainable

20mm Alpine Black

£5.18 inc. VAT
A beautiful mixture of our 20mm Black Basalt and 20mm Alpine Blue, this 20mm Alpine Black Gravel is a mix of soft blue and grey colours when dry and a sparkling black when wet.

20mm Alpine Blue

£4.93 inc. VAT
20mm Alpine Blue Marble Chippings, it is a unique pale grey and blue coloured gravel that can brighten up any driveway, path or boarder.

20mm Ballast

£4.15 inc. VAT
20mm Ballast is a mix of sharp sand and gravel, its often referred to as All in Ballast and is commonly used to make concrete, by simply adding cement and water our customers are using this concrete for building paths, bases for garden building, foundations and often for securing fence posts.

20mm Black Basalt

£2.94 inc. VAT
Black Basalt, often referred to as Black granite or Graphite Chippings is an angular stone that is black when wet and charcoal grey when dry. Ideal for water features and driveways, this gravel is guaranteed to add a touch of class to your project.

20mm Blue Slate

£3.29 inc. VAT
20mm Blue Slate consists of stunning blue colours that add a contemporary look to any landscape. Often used for paths, borders and driveways, this material is high in strength and very durable.   This decorative slate is very pleasing to the eye and looks refreshing when both wet or dry. With this blue slate having a fantastic look both wet and dry it also will be a good contender to use as water features or around ponds.   Blue Slate Chippings is easy to lay and very low cost compared to block paving, tarmac or concrete. These high strength slate chippings are very hard wearing making them suitable for driveways. The stones shape binds well together so that when driven upon the material wont disperse, Also they are easy to walk along which is why this product is ideal use for pathways as well as driveways.

20mm Green Granite

£3.36 inc. VAT
20mm Green Granite, often referred to as Green Basalt, is an angular and hard wearing stone that contrasts well with a red or brown landscape.

20mm Plum Slate

£3.13 inc. VAT
20mm Plum Slate’s gorgeous purple colours gives a striking yet stylish look to any landscape and decorative project, this slate looks lovely when dry and really shines through when wet.

20mm Polar White

£4.08 inc. VAT
20mm Polar White Chippings are a bright white marble commonly used for paths, borders and landscaping due to its small size and high strength.

20mm Quartz Gravel

£4.15 inc. VAT
20mm Quartz Gravel is a high strength, rounded gravel that is ideal for driveways and ground cover. Consisting of mainly browns, creams and grey colours this high quality material blends into any landscape.

20mm Red Granite

£3.10 inc. VAT
20mm Red Granite is perfect for driveways, borders and any other general ground cover or landscaping.

3 in 1 Timber Treatment

£13.90£46.28 inc. VAT
A 3 in 1 timber treatment for your wood, all in one can! Applying this Triple Action Wood Treatment will provide long-lasting protection for interior or exterior wood – it can be used on anything from sheds, garages and garden furniture to roof beams and joists, window frames and floorboards. This solvent-free and low-odour treatment is specially formulated using micro-fine active technology to deeply penetrate all wood and joinery, providing the ultimate protection against damage. • 3 in 1 action – kills, protects, preserves • Deeply penetrates all indoor and outdoor wood and joinery • Can be applied to wet timber • Treats wet and dry rot, offering long-lasting protection • Kills wood-boring insects, plus their eggs and larvae • Solvent-free formula • Quick-drying