These are calculated when you enter your address details.  If your address Is not found using our delivery calculator we ask that you process your order with Address Not Found as your delivery option.

Please call ahead for delivery pricing: a card tranasaction will be taken over the phone prior to your order being processed.

Your delivery will usually be delivered within 5 working days. If in the likelihood we are experiencing large volumes of deliveries, we will of course advise immediately.

Following your successful order you will receive an order acknowledgement via the email address you entered on checkout. Please keep this safe.

At this point our team will be getting your order ready for delivery or collection depending on your delivery options chosen.

As your order progresses through our delivery process or is ready for collection you will receive additional emails to confirm your status of your order.

Following successful placement of your order an invoice is emailed to you using the email address you entered when making the order.

Orders paid via our online payment services will be marked as paid with nil due.

Orders with sums yet to be settled will be highlighted on the invoice sent.


When you pay using your Card/Paypal it is likely that your funds will be taken immediately, though sometimes there can be a delay of up to 24 hours.

The wishlist Icon can be found at the top right of your search browser (shaped as a heart).

Your wishlist can be used to gather those products you would like to purchase at a future date, this list is private to you as a registered site user and can be shared to others at your discretion.

Your wishlist is not a basket or cart. Items on your wishlist can be added to your basket by you and processed through checkout in the normal fashion.

If any of the materials are damaged, we ask that you identify this upon delivery and ensure you notify your delivery driver. If this is not possible, please contact us immediately via telephone; our contact number can be found on our contact page or at the top of our website. We are happy to exchange damaged items the earliest possible convenience.

If you wish to change your order we ask politely that you do this at least 24 hours before delivery.
Adding items may impact your delivery times as we must adhere to maximum load capacities on our delivery vehicles. As such we cannot guarantee that your delivery date will not be changed following changes being made to your order volume.
Removing items should not impact your delivery in any way assuming the change has been made in observance of the time frame above.

If you have ordered in error or over the amount required and have not managed to change your order prior to delivery, we can collect this from you and refund the difference providing the returned material has not been damaged and is in the condition it was in when delivered.
Please note that a collection charge will be deducted from any due refund.

We do not provide order-tracking other than through communication of the progress of your order.
Our delivery team is an in-house fleet of delivery vehicles and is not a national infrastructure.

We are negotiating delivery pricing through branded delivery companies and hope to implement these as an option in the near future.


Websters Timber can accept returns of our Balsa products if the following criteria are met:

  • The product/s are not damaged
  • The product/s are posted and/or returned to our collection yard [Websters Timber: Returns Department, Whitings Lane, Burn, North Yorkshire, YO8 8LG] within 2 working days of you receiving them via a Signed For On Receipt postage facility
  • You accept that we cannot refund any postage costs incurred by Websters Timber
  • You accept that we cannot remunerate any returns postage costs incurred by yourself

With the above criteria met, Websters Timber will reimburse any purchase costs to the buyer within 5 working days of the receipt of the returned product/s.
Refunded funds will only be made to the card payment was received from.