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Balau Hardwood Decking

£27.37 inc. VAT
Balau hardwood decking is usually used for heavier use areas. Beautiful in appearance and eye catching. Extremely strong, stable and durable. A great option for pool-sides and spa areas. This decking definitely offers the wow factor! All lengths have been waxed at the ends to prevent splitting. We recommend sealing with preserve oil when cutting to length. Sold in 3.9m lengths (various lengths delivered) 19mm x 90mm

Concrete Gravel Board

£15.56£16.39 inc. VAT

Green Oak Unseasoned

£120.00£298.55 inc. VAT
Green Oak unseasoned sawn timber, usually cut between 3 - 18 months, the moisture content would range from 30% - 80%. Due to the natural properties of the oak, you would expect the timber to shrink, split and move, which lends itself perfectly as an attractive focal feature for mantels, king trusses, beams and pergolas or other aesthetic projects within your home interior and exterior.

Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

£28.00£48.00 inc. VAT


Our selection of fresh-cut Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees will be available for collection from Websters Timber from mid-November 2022. Limited number available across 3 sizes. Larger sizes may be available upon request and are priced on enquiry. Freshly cut from a local farm Excellent needle retention Soft, glossy dark green appearance Premium shape

Sawn Treated Boards

£2.56£6.79 inc. VAT
Timber boards are available as pressure treated rough sawn timber boards, generally used outdoors traditionally for cladding agricultural buildings, these boards are fixed in equal gaps apart to allow air flow. Can also be used to frame fencing, edging and landscaping, building vegetable boxes. also used for other non-structural aplications. Colours may vary. This is a natural product and it is advised to lengthen its service by staining or treating further to extend it's appearance. Timber boards are treated for a long lasting life when used outdoors.


£23.50 inc. VAT
A fantastic addition to any garden decor or landscaping projects. Sleepers can be used for sandpits, raised beds and many more things if you just have the imagination. Solid timber with weight to keep it in place, these green treated timber sleepers will last a long time.

Tile Battens

£2.71£5.83 inc. VAT
Treated tile battens are used for many exterior construction jobs. Roofing, fencing, landscaping and bracing.