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6″ Gravel Board

£8.28 inc. VAT
Alternative to the 12" Gravel Board.  Great Option for your borders as well as raising your fencing off wet ground!

7 Bar Galvanised Gate

£68.00£166.73 inc. VAT
The Ashbourne 7 bar galvanised gate is a quality field gate with box section ends, hole punched bracing and 50mm x 50mm box section hanging stile with sleeved gate eye collars for added strength.
  • 1143mm high
  • Spring loaded sliding bolt / D Loop fastening
  • 150mm fully adjustable 19mm shank x 19mm gate eyes are included with this gate.
  • Top and bottom rails 43mm o/d tube
  • Intermediate rails 29mm o/d tube
  • 50mm x 50mm SHS (Sleeved Hanging Stile)
Boasting a fully robotically welded joints and is hot dip galvanised for a long maintenance free life. Thanks to the exceptional strength to weight ratio, it is suitable for most livestock and equine situations and is frequently seen across the country.

Acorn & Chamfered Square Post Cap

£2.29£2.32 inc. VAT
Acorn & Chamfered Square post cap to complete your decking look. Made of redwood timber, green treated. Fantastic decoration to customise with our oils to your decking finish.

Acorn Post Cap

£6.64 inc. VAT
Choose this acorn post cap to give your fence posts a decorative finish.

Auto Latch

£14.56 inc. VAT
Auto latch is generally used for 5 bar timber gates, but can also be used for many other styles of timber gates and entrances too. An auto latch will automatically latch into place once you close your gate. A quick release system is there ready to release the auto-latch for ease of opening and can be operated with one hand. Our auto latch is available in a galvanised steel finish to help preserve the material and ensure a long life.

Babington Gate

£80.38 inc. VAT
Babington gate - Full size pedestrian gate. Built with robust feather edge boards. Bracework made with sturdy 47mm x 100mm timbers, built to last. This matches perfectly with our Feather Edge fencing. One of our best sellers! Size 1760mm by 900mm. Treated timbers used to ensure your gate lasts. We recommend using oil or clear treatment yearly to maintain the timbers and keep it looking great!

Ball Post Cap

£4.86 inc. VAT
Ball post cap to complete your decking look. Made of redwood timber, green treated. Fantastic decoration to customise with our oils to your decking finish.

Chamfered Square Post Cap

£2.29£2.44 inc. VAT
Chamfered square post cap, available in 75mm or 100mm. Square finish to adorn your decking and complete your decking finish.

Chelsea Gate

£109.15 inc. VAT

Beautifully Crafted & Expertly Finished

Chelsea gates are high quality and beautifully crafted and finished. All gates are of substantial weight, solidly built which gives you confidence that they are made to last!
  • Very durable and pressure treated for a long-lasting life.
  • Back bracing is made form 98mm x 33mm planed joinery grade redwood with mortice and tenon joints.
  • You can stain this Chelsea gate to whichever colour you wish!
  • Style your exterior home or property at an affordable price with Websters Timber.

CLS Timber

£3.72£6.31 inc. VAT
CLS timber is great as a softwood timber for stud walling and framing. Typically used for building the frames of separating internal walls (untreated CLS) and for sheds and outbuildings (treated CLS). CLS has a smooth finish with eased edges for a pleasant finish when left uncovered, such as when it is used on gates as brace-work or on decking frames.

Concrete Fencing Post

£13.32£35.27 inc. VAT
Please enquire below for current pricing and availability of our Concrete Fencing Posts.

Concrete Gravel Board

£16.76£17.59 inc. VAT
Smooth/Rock Faced concrete gravel board