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Mastic Gun

£6.16 inc. VAT
Skeleton mastic gun for sealant and caulking tubes
  • Skeleton steel frame caulking gun
  • Comes with coated handle
  • Compatible with cartridges up to 350 ml

Tape Measure – Heavy Duty

£4.62 inc. VAT
Tape measure, heavy duty tape measure in particular is a superior quality 5m/16ft tradesman tape measure built to stand up the toughest demands of a busy building site. Yet another great value tape, the Heavy Duty is a high quality, rugged and durable 5 metre tape built to stand up to the knocks and scrapes that come with working on a building site. However much you try to look after your tools, it's inevitable that your tape will take a tumble now and again. This particular tape measure has been specifically built with that in mind. The case is made from impact-resistant ABS plastic with a heavy duty rubber outer for strength and durability. The 5m/16ft (metric and imperial) blade is manufactured from steel that's 10% thicker than most tape manufacturers use which allows for excellent standout (up to 3m) and strength. The blade is 25mm wide making its super-clear black and red markings easy to read even in adverse conditions. This tape measure is certified to EC Class II levels of accuracy, features a Nylon coated blade for added durability and resistance to wear and comes with a strong and secure belt clip.