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Concrete Fencing Post

£12.68£31.31 inc. VAT
Please enquire below for current pricing and availability

Concrete Gravel Board

£15.61 inc. VAT
Smooth Faced/Rock Faced

Concrete Screw

£0.54 inc. VAT
This stress free, non-expansion through fixing is the new solution for heavy duty anchoring into concrete, brick, stone, wood and concrete block. Completely replacing the need for traditional anchors such as throughbolts, shield, sleeve and drop-in anchors.

Feather Edge Fencing Panel

£32.44£42.23 inc. VAT
A solid fencing panel built from a strudy 38mm by 38mm timber frame and feather edge lengths applied to create a beautiful long-lasting and rigid fencing panel. Our larger profiles are ideal for garden perimeters where height is important, our shorter variations are perfect for a more delicate fencing approach, including front gardens or trellis topping. Our flat top design allows for fence toppings to be applied to further enhance on your decorative creativity. All of our panels come pre-treated for long lasting lifespan. Available for delivery UK-wide. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Fence and Rail Post

£8.11£9.46 inc. VAT
Fence and rail fencing posts available in lengths of 1800mm (6ft) to 2100mm (7ft) in a 75mm by 125mm profile. Treated to provide a long life span. Our oblong fencing post is ideal for your fence and rail system to construct rigid aggricultural boundaries and meet all of your husbandry fencing needs.

Galvanised Wire Netting

Available in rolls of:
  • 50m lengths
  • 2mm wire thickness
  • 915mm high
  • 50mm squares
Please call 01757 270233 for current pricing of this item

Met Bolt Down Post

£8.64£10.86 inc. VAT
Met bolt down posts are used to bolt down timber fence or gate posts securely onto a flat concrete surface. These are laid equally spaced apart to secure all fencing and gates and are a fantastic alternative to digging holes to secure fencing posts with fast-setting contrete or post-mix.